Synergos Consultants will design and develop a fully functioning and dynamic website that suits your business needs. Having a website allows your customers/clients to view your products/services, get valuable information about your business and request your service/product. It is important that your website has a look (design) and feel (development) that makes it user friendly, informative, clear and interactive for your visitors as this in most cases is the first point of contact a prospect will have with your business.

Reasons your business should have a website/online presence:

24/7 availability of business information

Expand and reach new markets

Presents a professional image and helps with branding

Improved customer service

Sell your products

Promote your services

Cost effective marketing tool that allows you to instantly change your catalogue, promotions, special offers or brochure at anytime while avoiding added costs such as print ect.

We have a wide variety of Basic and Premium professional web designs to choose from as well as our designers are able to Customize a website design according to your preference and unique idea for your business. You can also view our design packages