Synergos Consultants recommends the use of one or more of the following web features to be added to your web site. The features you select will reflect the nature of your business, target audience as well as the purpose for your presence online.


Macro Media Flash is the most evolved and forward way of creating animation and sites experience significant benefits through its use.

Flash design can make web pages attractive and creates interactive navigation in your website that keeps visitors entertained while viewing your web pages without any difficulty.

Static images and text makes websites look dead and insignificant. Flash makes a site lively and vibrant and allow your site to stand out in the crowd of competitors on the internet.


Video, audio, and streaming media tools for displaying multimedia content.

Photo Galleries

Multiple photo gallery or image rotator tools for display of images in gallery or content modes.

Banner Advertising System

Display or use the banner animation to showcase your core offering or positioning statements across selected page regions and website zones.

Newsletters/Mailing List

Let your users register/subscribe for your newsletter online



Search Site Bar

Search the contents of your website with a simple effective search site bar.

Online Forms

This allows you to gather information from your visitors and get it emailed to you as well as saved in your database.

Blogs and forums

Interactivity of a blog or forum will allow your visitors to post their thoughts, read what others have to say, and join online conversations.


News Centre

All business websites should ideally have a news centre to publish keyword-rich updates on a regular basis. Frequency of updates boosts your Google crawl rate.

Events Calendar

A calendar is a great way to showcase events. Users can typically browse event detail pages with information on pricing, venues and speakers.

Member Registration and login

Set up member registration and logins for websites with password protected areas. This may apply to ecommerce websites, or community sites with member-restricted resources, profile pages and discussion forums.



Reservation Booking / appointment / meeting request form

Guests can book online through an interactive reservation system directly from your website. And an online form can be set up to capture user’s contact details, requirements and requested date and time of appointment.

Vacancy centre

Advertise any vacancy or job opening within your business allowing visitors to browse available positions/openings by key word, discipline or region.


Surveys and polls on your website is another also important and widely feature used to collect information from customers.